Innovation Contest in the Public Sector

The Contest is a selection process consisting of three evaluation stages which are: conformity screening (observing the mandatory requirements contained in the notice); preliminary external evaluation (selection of up to 30 finalist initiatives, 10 from each category, by external evaluators recruited via the public call); and final peer review (oral presentation of the finalist initiatives followed by peer selection by voting of the winning initiatives in each category).

The Contest underwent some reformulations in 2016, and its new incorporations were peer evaluation, in which all candidates participate in the final evaluation of the competition, the simplification of the evaluation process and openness to the participation of the experiences of regional governments.

 In addition to receiving trophies, certificates, the right to use the Innovation Seal in print or electronic promotional materials, initiatives can be contemplated by attending events - such as Conferences and Seminars - or technical missions to counterpart organizations in other countries. There is also publication of a book containing the winning initiatives and insertion of the initiative in the Enap Database Solutions.

In 22 years of existence, the Contest has received 2263 entries and awarded 392 innovative experiences. 60 missions were carried out with the objective of providing the exchange of experiences and learning between the team responsible for the innovative initiative and foreign governments, inducing possibilities for international cooperation.  

Partner (s):

Annual issues. It has been implemented by Enap for 22 years in partnership with Ministry of Economy.

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