Improvement of the Preparation and Processing of Administrative Acts in the Federal Government

The project aimed to support the Federal Government in the process of training public servants for innovation by defining key competencies of Enap's training courses. For this, we used the Agile Immersion methodology - reality check in public policies in order to map which courses offered by Enap contribute to generate or increase the ability of innovation; what competencies and programmatic components are missing to accomplish this objective and what other courses/actions could be designed and which competencies can be developed to build or increase the capacity for innovation?

The final presented document contributes to the list of existing courses that include defined innovation skills, short- and long-term recommendations for next steps, and detailed six competencies capable for generating or enhancing server innovation capacity, in order of priority, followed by gaps, challenges and insights pointed out by participants: Management and leadership for innovation; Collaboration; Experimentation; Problem Definition; Communication and Empathy.

The result of this work was the systematization of existing courses in five knowledge areas (innovation management, innovation leadership, methodologies for innovation projects, data science and digital government), as well as the development of new courses in areas that were not covered.


Partner (s):
Management Secretariat of the former Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MPDG)

August 2017

training; innovation; public administration;