New Governance for the Multiannual Plan (ppa)

Seplan aimed to propose a new governance model for the PPA, which sets out the guidelines, objectives and goals to be followed by the Federal, Regional or Locla Government over a four-year period. The team approached GNova to test its concept with relevant experts and actors involved in the process.

GNova decided to use the Agile Immersion methodology (IMA) - reality check in public policies to address the problem. IMA is a reality test that enables people to quickly understand in practice how the policy and public service initiatives work and how they respond to the user demands

As a delivery, several suggestions related to the PPA management cycle (elaboration, monitoring and evaluation) and the attributions and composition of the governance bodies were listed. Four general insights were also generated that summarize the main action opportunities to be considered by Seplan for model review

There were also lessons during the process that should be highlighted: using design tools and conducting research on the topic during the preparation phase were essential to understand the complexity of the problem and to define the scope of the project.


PPA's New Governance Model Report

Partner (s):
Secretary of Planning and Economics Affairs of the former Ministry of Planning, Development and Management

June to August 2018

Agile immersion; public policies; design