Focused on collaborating with the improvement of public service, Enap constantly strives for the quality of its courses and services and always seeking to expand the dissemination of knowledge. There is a great commitment from the teams to bring and offer the best in Brazil and the world to our students. In this context, a cross-cutting challenge for schools is to reduce dropout or non-attendance at courses and events.

We collaborate with Enap, as part of the Enaprender Program and (Enaplearning), in finding ways to meet the challenge. For this, we use the SIMPLESMENTEtool, which works the application of behavioral economics to the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies and government programs, all in an active and engaging way

"How can we better understand this situation through the use of behavioral insights?"

Problem Situation: Many people enroll in Enap activities and do not appear on the day, or do not complete the course they have enrolled in, resulting in logistical problems, waste of resources, team frustration, unsuccessful people and invited speakers.

For Behavioral Economics, people (both policy-using citizens and servants) often do not decide as rational agents.

The SIMPLESMENTE Tool is a game used to work on the application of aspects of behavioral economics to generate insights (understanding problems) and possible solutions. 

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