Improvement of Tariff Flags in the Electricity Bill

Challenge the project seeks to address: How can we increase the knowledge of electricity consumers about tariff flags to ensure the user autonomy and the system credibility?

Project’s goal: Improve the tariff flag mechanism in order to increase the user's understanding of its operation and ensure that it makes informed consumption decisions

Metodologia: Methodology: The methodology used combines elements of design thinking, ethnographic design and behavioral insights. The planned activities are:

i) Problem diagnosis Workshop
ii) Field research planning Workshop
iii) Field research with electricity consumers
iv) Ideation and prototyping Workshop
v) Prototype Refinement Workshop and Implementation / Evaluation Planning
vi) Prototype implementation and testing
vii) Results Evaluation Workshop

Products and results: At the end of the project, which is still underway, it is expected that the developed solution will be able to make the electricity consumer understands what the current tariff flag is and understands its why and meaning. Specific products and success indicators will be developed from prototyping and testing exercises scheduled for 2019.

Partner (s):
National Electric Energy Agency – (ANEEL) ()

In progress