Digital Citizenship Platform

In order to understand what are the main barriers to the implementation of the Digital Citizenship Platform by the finalistic institutions, an ethnographic research was carried out to know the reality of the following bodies in relation to the development of digital services: former Ministry of Culture, former Ministry of Social and Agrarian Development, former Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Ministry of Justice, former Ministry of Planning, Development and Management and Ministry of Tourism.

Subsequently, the ideation workshop involved 40 people from various Institutions, challenged by the question: What strategies and mechanisms accelerate the movement for digital government?

The project was delivered with a map of insights with subsidies for implementation of the digital citizenship platform and the services offered by the platform. By generating greater engagement of the bodies involved in the theme, the project in the design of a better strategy to implement the policy.

Insights Map

Partner (s):
Former Ministry of Planning, Development and Management

January to February 2017

Digital government;