As a part of a national effort of modernization and red tape reduction, many Brazilian public services have gone digital in recent years. An important digitalization case was the transition from DOU (Official Diary of the Union), the official communication vehicle for all federal issues, from print format to the exclusively digital format in November 2017. In the transition, it was necessary to understand the needs of users and identify new opportunities for innovation about seeking official information.

A joint team of National Press, Civil House and GNova mapped the key actors involved in the process and conducted a series of interviews and notes, collecting stories, insights and best practices to the digital Official Diary. It was then necessary to talk to DOU users to understand how their official information searches were done and what their main difficulties were.

The following were interviewed: public managers of the Executive Branch (direct administration and agencies), Legislative and Judiciary, in areas related to information and communication, as well as those who searched the DOU less frequently; sporadic users; journalists of the Brazilian Communication Company and traditional media; private company linked to the organization and dissemination of information; and association of visually impaired people.

The project product with GNova was a document describing insights into current ways of using DOU, as well as opportunities for improvement or new developments.

Finally, with the availability of insights, Civil House organized a workshop to incorporate them into the definition of themes for a hackathon (idea generation marathon), which will aim at developing concept prototypes for the digital DOU, addressing the main field research findings with GNova.


“Pra mim, pessoalmente, participar do projeto foi uma oportunidade de crescimento. Eu me surpreendi com o GNova, porque tem uma simplicidade no método, tem objetividade e tem leveza. O método consegue resgatar coisas que a gente aprende ao longo da vida: para um diálogo acontecer, você precisa levar o outro a sério. Esse tipo de coisa, a gente acaba esquecendo.”

Mapa de Insights

Parceiro (s):
National Press and Civil House

November 2017 to April 2018

design; design thinking; ethnographic research; official information; D.O.U.