Improvement of the Unified Supplier Registration System (SICAF)

The Unified Supplier Registration System (SICAF), administered by the Ministry of Economy and in operation since 1995, was created to enable the registration of suppliers of materials and services interested in participating in bidding and contracting with the Federal Public Administration. In 2016, a report from the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) pointed criticisms and suggestions to the operation of the system that highlighted the need for the Ministry to carry out further investigation: would SICAF be facilitating or hindering commercial relations with the Federal Government? What would be a real need for a supplier registration system?

The project involved the application of ethnographic design to collect information about the users’ experience in using SICAF. Four types of users were interviewed: suppliers, registration units, purchasing and bidding units and partner institutions, with approximately 30 people in 25 institutions (10 suppliers, 8 registration units, 8 purchasing and bidding units and 2 partner institutions).

The insights generated subsidies to support system improvement actions that were already underway and served as a starting point for exploring potential and creating solutions. The subsidies generated directed efforts to adjust system usability, digitize services, reduce costs for both government and suppliers, and reduce jobs dedicated exclusively to SICAF.


Insights Map

Partner (s):
Management Secretariat of the former Ministry of Planning, Development and Management

May to July 2017

design; ethnographic research; bids; hires; design thinking