Investigation at Anvisa’s Call Center

In 2017, Enap received a request from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and entered into a partnership with the aim at developing a culture of innovation in the corporate environment, as well as technical skills for the implementation and management of innovative projects by the agency.

The project was developed through a set of actions organized in three axes: generation of institutional innovation capacities; support for the development of innovation projects and production of innovation support material.

In the area of institutional innovation capacity building, training was provided in the areas of design sprint, ethnographic design, behavioral insights and presentations of innovation projects. As a highlight, in the area of support for the development of innovation projects, ethnographic research was conducted with the regulated sector, one of its deliveries was a map of insights on opportunities for innovation in services provided to the regulated sector and in the organization of the agency's website;

In the area of production of innovation support material, didactic videos were produced for public sector innovation awareness activities; facilitation guides for public sector design thinking and sprint design; and public sector design thinking and design sprint toolkits.

The partnership resulted on the creation of the Lab-I Visa, Anvisa's laboratory, responsible for developing the agency's innovation strategy.

Facilitators Guide - Design Thinking and Sprint Design in the Public Service

Design Thinking and Design Sprint - Toolkit

Partner (s):
National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa)

October 2016 to December 2018

design thinking; ethnographic research; behavior insights; innovation culture; training;