Promotion of Financial Citizenship with the Central Bank

Aware of the government's responsibility to ensure the necessary conditions for this financial citizenship to be full, the Department of Financial Education of the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) approached GNova to rethink the advances, obstacles and challenges surrounding the theme.

The project aimed to expand/broaden, for the Bacen’s team, the list of possibilities for actions to promote financial citizenship.

A problem/challenge was chosen to work on: “A significant portion of the Brazilian population is not planned”, which was deepened through discussion and practical research. The research was carried out in five locations in three states, in groups of two to four people: in Águas Lindas - GO, in the Plano Piloto - DF bus station, in Ceilândia - DF, in the Tietê - SP bus station and in Taguatinga - DF.

Following the research field, the group worked on data, insights and understanding from the perspective of the chosen problem and resulted in 3 implementable liable solutions: Disclosure of name loan awareness advertisements; Banking Product: investment savings card; BC Financial Citizenship Challenge - innovative collective savings and emergency reserve arrangements.

In order to test the ideas and concepts of the prototypes, a pitch presentation was held for a “shark tank” in which experts and potential “buyers” of the solution participated and evaluated the presented concept.

The team incorporated into their work routine a learning from the approach: “ethnographic research is very essential. This contact with the population deconstructs you. The citizen/user knows much more than you do.”

Report Financial Citizenship Project 

Partner (s):
Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen)

November 2016 to April 2017

Financial citizenship; design thinking; ethnographic research; design;