The main used methodology was design thinking. In the immersion stage, a benchmarking with 20 platforms and technologies used in the field of education and related fields were performed. An ethnographic design was also carried out among 6 school teaching areas: Distance Education, Executive Education, Master's Degree, Postgraduate Programs, Career Training and and Senior Executives. Then, the key problem was defined and posteriorly the ideation and prototyping steps.

Five prototypes were produced and were turned into projects for innovation at ENAP, on the following themes: Focus on the teacher; Short term innovation; and Training for the public servant of the future. In addition to the prototypes, 17 problems that collectively affect Enap's teaching areas were raised.

In addition to the delivered products, the process itself has generated important results regarding to the culture of innovation of ENAP: “For me, surely this part of bringing different people together, locking into a room and putting them to think differently is the richest part. It's a participatory process, it's a collective process and no matter what you're doing, it's a lot of learning.

Partner (s):
National School of Public Administration (ENAP)

February to September 2016

design; education; design thinking; ethnographic design; school of government